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'When words are missing, music can express it all. Exploring the formless and following our intuition to truly be ourselves - this is music to me.'

Handpan and World Music

Musically expressing what I experience in my inner and outer journeys is my way to share my gratitude for being alive in this vast universe. Questions about our human existence and the way we interact with our planet arise and I am searching for answers in a musical way with my handpans, voice, guitar, flute and percussion, aiming to get more authentic day by day and to arrive in the state of being we call home. 

Handpan Classes and Workshops in Munich

Diving into the world of sound is my greatest joy and sharing this experience with others is making me even more happy. You would like to explore the instrument yourself? Let me introduce you to the world of handpans. I offer Handpan classes in my home town Munich and organize handpan workshops for beginners and advanced players in different cities. 

Eine kurze Doku vom BR zum Handpan Atelier München und meinen musikalischen Weg